Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Douglas Battista: FTC Halts Work-from-Home Scheme

The Federal Trade Commission is tasked with keeping consumers safe from fraudulent business opportunities, among other things. Here, Douglas Battista shares insight on one recent event that saw the FTC put a kink in the plans of unscrupulous opportunists.

In August of 2017, the Federal Trade Commission enacted a restraining order banning a suspected fraudulent company from posting deceptive work-from-home jobs online. The company, which did business under many names including Work At Home University and Work At Home Institute, promised potential “employees” that they could make several hundred dollars per hour without any training and from their own home, reports Douglas Battista.

According to Douglas Battista, the company targeted individuals who were seeking remote work opportunities. By utilizing content that emulated non-advertising material, the company lured unsuspecting people to their site. Jobseekers were subjected to advertisements claiming current people implementing the company’s system were earning in excess of $8000 per month without selling anything.

In a 46-page document, the FTC claims the defendant’s representations are untrue and reports that the vast majority of consumers purchasing the “system” did not earn any income. The FTC reports that users were charged a $97 fee for access to the program. Most experts agree that there are no legitimate employment opportunities that require workers to pay to be involved or employed.

Douglas Battista reports that this is not the first nor will it be the last scam out there targeting individuals who simply want to earn a legitimate income while taking care of their family. He offers these warning signs that should serve as red flags when job seeking:
  • Company claims high income without experience
  • Website directs to multiple sites
  • Company charges “access fee” to participate
  • Opportunity claims “no gimmicks” or guarantees income after X amount of days

Douglas Battista notes that there are many remote employment opportunities available through legitimate companies.