Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Douglas Battista Share Tips for the New Business Traveler

Douglas BattistaDouglas Battista spends a great deal of his week traveling for his job as President of North America Field Operations for Jenny Craig. Over the last decade, he’s found there are a few “life hacks” that make business travel easier. In this brief discussion, Battista shares some secrets.

Q: Is it possible to avoid germs while traveling?

Douglas Battista: It’s not feasible to sidestep germs altogether, but you can defend yourself against them. I always pack hand sanitizer, bacitracin, and antibacterial wipes. Airplanes can be a melting pot of microorganisms just waiting to infect their next target: you. Use the bacitracin under your nails and coat the inside of your nose to kill germs before they have a chance to get cozy on your skin and in your lungs.

Q: What’s the best way to stay connected on the road?

Douglas Battista: Of course, Wi-Fi is an option but for heavy internet users, I would suggest investing in a portable broadband modem. Not having to log into multiple connections each time you leave the office is a huge help when you are working remotely.

Q: Security lines are painfully long these days. Do you have any advice on shortening the wait?

Douglas Battista: Try to travel on an airline that rewards frequent customers with elite or premier statuses. These companies often have a special line for this class. Also, keep an eye out for the line with the fewest families and couples. Single travelers often pack lighter, meaning faster moving lines.

Q: What are some tips on staying healthy during extended stays away?

Douglas Battista: The two most important things a traveler can do is to book a hotel with a well-equipped fitness center. And don’t eat fried foods! Traveling is exhausting enough without depriving your body of nutrition and physical activity. I would also suggest going light on the carbs and packing in as much protein as possible to avoid getting hungry shortly after eating.