Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Douglas Battista Lists 4 Ways to Keep Good Employees

Douglas Battista
Having a well-trained and educated staff is more important than ever, says HR professional Douglas Battista, and keeping them is vital to a company’s success. Here, Battista offers a rundown of four simple ways to keep employees on the clock and out of the competition’s labor force.
1. Reward outstanding behavior and achievements. Douglas Battista explains that many employees come in day after day, perform their specific job functions, and take home a paycheck. But, when someone truly makes an effort to go above and beyond, a token of appreciation is in order. This could be in the form of a small bonus, an invitation to lunch, or recognition during a company meeting.

2. Ensure employees are aware of company news. Employees who are allowed to stay “in the know” tend to feel more secure in their positions. According to Douglas Battista, a company-wide newsletter is an easy and efficient way to keep everyone up-to-date and quell any concerns regarding possible future changes.
3. Forge relationships. Getting to know employees at all levels works to a company’s benefit in multiple ways. Douglas Battista explains that it allows management to identify workers who may excel in a more progressive role later on. Forging professional but friendly relationships instills a sense of belonging. This in turn reinforces loyalty and may discourage employees from taking their talents, and the company’s competitive advantage, somewhere else.
4. Offer on-the-job training or education assistance. Even experienced workers need to be taught new technology, machinery, or methods. Keeping employees’ skills up-to-date lets them know they are valuable and that their company has made a commitment to invest in their job security.
Douglas Battista notes that in order to be effective, these gestures must be consistent and sincere. Employees are keenly aware when they are being placated and when they are genuinely valued as part of a team.