Friday, May 3, 2013

Douglas Battista | Strategic Talent Acquisition Conference

In April of 2011, Douglas Battista was a benchmark speaker and roundtable discussion participant at the annual Strategic Talent Acquisition Conference in New York City. Douglas Battista discussed Nestlé’s relationship with FutureStep and how the firm has helped this multi-billion dollar a year consumer goods company establish a scalable recruitment labor model.

At the conference, Battista sat with John Havenaar of the Cummins Corp. and Madeline Laureno of FutureStep, with Laureno serving as moderator of the discussion. According to Douglass Battista, the group spoke openly about the benefits of teaming up with an established recruitment company with access to recruitment talent and systems.

Battista, President of North America Field Operations for Jenny Craig’s North America business, says Nestlé USA is a firm that understands its success is based on the people who buy their products. A major component in producing goods that people want to buyis having employees that understand the needs and wants of the consumer, says Douglas Battista. Nestlé USA’s strategy for acquiring–and keeping– the most qualified talent is one of its most important ongoing business functions, reports Douglas Battista.

Douglas Battista says that during the roundtable discussion, the group spoke openly about how recruitment outsourcing affects the overall success of their respective businesses.

Indiana-based Cummins, Inc. was another participant in the discussion. According to Douglas Battista, the Corporation is comprised of numerous business units that work together to create high-quality automotive controls, filtration systems, and other engine related technologies. Douglas Battista points out that Cummins employs around 40,000 people in almost 200 countries. It was the perfect complement to Nestlé, who generated sales of over $100 billion in 2010. Nestlé employs over 325,000 people worldwide, says Douglas Battista.

FutureStep, a talent acquisition firm with offices on four separate continents, offered specific insight on project-based recruitment as well as recruitment at mid and senior levels. Both Cummins and Nestlé USA utilize FutureStep’s services to help them fill their most challenging key positions on a global scale, notes Douglas Battista.

According to Douglas Battista, events such as the Strategic Talent Acquisition Conference are important to Global 100 companies like Nestlé, since they help corporations stay on top of economic trends and also assist business leaders in optimizing their organization’s potential.

Douglas Battista is the President of North America Field Operations for Jenny Craig’s North America business, a division of the Nestlé Company, who is responsible for over 4000 employees spread across North America.