Friday, January 15, 2016

Douglas Battista | Three Reasons Emails Don’t Solve Problems in the Workplace

Email is a great tool for spreading news, events, and announcements. It is not the most reliable form of communication when emotions may be involved, states Douglas Battista. Here, Battista explains three ways that emails are hindering workplace communication and preventing problems from being solved.

1. Emails tend to prevent us from relating to the other party/parties.

An email, by its very nature, is an impassive way to communicate. Words often lose meaning when they are received without the inflections in the sender’s voice or the expressions that give the words significance. Douglas Battista believes that real relationships, even temporary ones, are forged when each person hears the other out. Only then can the parties relate to each other and come to a place of understanding – which is where problem solving really begins.

Friday, August 7, 2015

Douglas Battista – Make Sure Your Boss Knows What You’re Doing All Day

Doug Battista
According to Douglas Battista, when organizations assess talent and make decisions about raises and promotions, the people making the decisions are going through mental notes of their employee’s career—and what matters isn’t necessarily what their employee has actually done; it’s what they know about what their employee has done. So if others get the promotions or recognition you deserve, it could be because you’re not making your accomplishments known.

Q: How can employees make sure they get credit for their work?

Douglas Battista: It’s important for employees to keep their bosses informed. Unfortunately, many employees rarely speak to their managers.

Monday, February 23, 2015

Company Values Shape Employee Performance, Says Douglas Battista

Douglas BattistaA veteran HR professional and current VP of Operations for Jenny Craig’s North American division, Douglas Battista believes that a company must instill and execute core values in order to remain competitive in today’s marketplace.

Values, says Douglas Battista, are at the core of the workplace. They define how a company operates and how employees and clients perceive corporate leaders. Without a defined set of values, it is difficult to outline and enforce expected and acceptable company behavior and even harder to encourage consistent employee performance.

Corporate culture

According to Douglas Battista, an identifiable company culture makes it possible for a smooth transition in the event of change. A defined set of values that is upheld, recognized, and rewarded ensures that employees continue to understand where their responsibilities lie, regardless of corporate situation. A corporate culture is shaped through recognizing behaviors that leadership wants to impart to workers. And, emphasizes Douglas Battista, these behaviors directly impact the company’s performance and bottom line.

Monday, June 30, 2014

Q&A with Douglas Battista: Talent Assessment Identifies Potential inFuture Employees

In the modern business world, a few wrong turns can lead to a full-blown disaster, says HR veteran Douglas Battista. Selecting the wrong candidate for top positions can cost a business millions of dollars. Companies can avoid a bad promotion or hire by establishing a talent assessment plan, according to Battista. This process ensures management is maximizing the distinct abilities of all employees in the organization.

Q: What exactly is a talent assessment?

Douglas Battista: Most companies don’t really know enough about who they are selecting for a position. A talent assessment test helps identify candidates that will be a good fit for openings at their company.

Q: What tools are used to accurately assess the talent?

Douglas Battista: As a rule of thumb, I recommend that companies rely on more than one assessment for critical talent decisions. To create the most complete assessment, management can assess such instruments as feedback surveys, trait-based assessments, psychometric tests and interviews. But note; no two organizations need exactly the same assessment plan.

Friday, May 3, 2013

Douglas Battista | Strategic Talent Acquisition Conference

In April of 2011, Douglas Battista was a benchmark speaker and roundtable discussion participant at the annual Strategic Talent Acquisition Conference in New York City. Douglas Battista discussed Nestlé’s relationship with FutureStep and how the firm has helped this multi-billion dollar a year consumer goods company establish a scalable recruitment labor model.

At the conference, Battista sat with John Havenaar of the Cummins Corp. and Madeline Laureno of FutureStep, with Laureno serving as moderator of the discussion. According to Douglass Battista, the group spoke openly about the benefits of teaming up with an established recruitment company with access to recruitment talent and systems.

Battista, Vice President of Operations for Jenny Craig’s North America business, says Nestlé USA is a firm that understands its success is based on the people who buy their products. A major component in producing goods that people want to buyis having employees that understand the needs and wants of the consumer, says Douglas Battista. Nestlé USA’s strategy for acquiring–and keeping– the most qualified talent is one of its most important ongoing business functions, reports Douglas Battista.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

News on Douglas Battista

Douglas Battista Discusses Value of HR During Turbulent Times 

Escondido, California, United States of America ( May 23, 2012 -- Douglas Battista has served in human resources in both good, and more difficult, economic times. As Vice President of Operations for Jenny Craig’s North America business, a Nestlé company, Battista has learned the value that a skilled human resources staff can add to an organization.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Douglas Battista Videos

Talent Acquisition Is Vital to Business, Says Douglas Battista
Douglas Battista, Jenny Craig's Vice President of Human Resources, had the opportunity to participate in an open dialogue at the 2011 Talent Acquisition Conference. During the conversation, this former Head of Talent Acquisition for Nestlé USA spoke about the benefits of teaming with a recruiting agency that has an established presence at home and abroad.

Douglas Battista Says South America Has it All
Travel enthusiast Douglas Battista sat down recently with Blogger Venue to talk about his favorite destinations.

Success Isn't Easy | Douglas Battista Explains the Value of Hard Work
Growing up in southeastern Pennsylvania, Douglas Battista was taught the value of hard work by his father. Today, he is the Vice President of Human Resources for Jenny Craig in Carlsbad, California. Douglas Battista says that his climb up the corporate ladder was not without bumps in the road, and believes that his father's influence provided him the tools needed to focus on his goals.